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Marine Insurance

It called usually Marine Insurance, one of the oldest types of insurance have begun to appear in ancient times, and is considered the year 1688 year change in the history of insurance linked to the owner of a cafe in England named Lloyd, he was starting to insure ships' hulls and then began insurance of goods transported on board ships later to include securing all types of goods transported either by sea or by land or air

And marine insurance is divided into:

  • Insurance hull: covers loss or damage to the hull or machinery or equipment on them and covers damages caused by fire - lightning - the explosion - Delinquency ship due to its impact land or friction blunt object - Water damage heavy - collision - piracy - betrayal skipper or the ship's crew - pollution - general average.
  • Cargo insurance.

 Cargo insurance types:

  •     Marine transport.
  •     Road transport.
  •     Air transport.

Types and transport insurance policies:
For each document type specific conditions and adequate coverage where insurance rates are determined by type of coverage shipment and transfer method:

  • Individual document: to cover a single voyage and ends with the arrival of the goods to the destination mentioned in the document.
  • Open Document: Issued secure unspecified amount consumed on the number of shipments that believe.
  • Open contract: determine the type of the goods and the type of insurance coverages and conditions and prices as the period determined by the contract.


It is the conditions under which the documents are issued marine insurance and the most important:

  • Terms marine cargo insurance (A): and cover all losses and damages which have been partially or infect the goods insured.
  • Terms marine cargo insurance (B): covers losses and the partial damage of the goods insured.
  • Terms marine cargo insurance (C): covers loss or damage to the goods insured in the event of loss was entirely ".

And you can add the following coverages to the condition (C):

  • Non-Delivery of whole container
  • Non-Delivery of any shipping unite
  • Washing over board

And in all previous coverages must be subject to the following conditions:

  • General exceptions clause.
  • Condition of validity for navigation.
  • The condition of war.
  • Condition strikes.
  • Losses or damages or expenses arising from insolvency or financial shortfall for ship owners or directors, lessees or operators.
  • Intentional damage or damage to the thing insured or any part thereof by an unlawful act by any person or persons.
  • Losses or damages or expenses arising from the use of any weapon of war used the fission and / or fusion irrigation, nuclear or any other similar or interaction using the power or radioactive material.

Additional coverage:

Based on current conditions, Syrian National Insurance Company has covered the following risks:
1 - the dangers of war.
2 - dangers riots and unrest and strikes.
3 - the dangers of armed robbery and kidnapping.

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