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Travel Insurance

There are many problems and emergency incidents that you can not be avoided and that may make traveling abroad less fun and this is designed this service to make you feel safe and peace of mind while traveling, so if you are having any problem of emergency or accident during the period of travel and stay abroad, the insurance contract submitted by Syrian National Insurance Company provides you with all the care and health protection required at any time and 24 hours with other services provided by the type of insurance cover provided.

Types of travel insurance contracts:
Travel insurance contracts are divided by program National Insurance Company into five types, which vary depending on the coverage limits are:

1 Schengen Policy     Click to see the details
2 Platinum Policy     Click to see the details
3 Gold Policy     Click to see the details
4 Silver Policy     Click to see the details
5 Standard Policy     Click to see the details

As for the geographical extent of the coverage is global in scope and includes three areas:
- Schengen States
- Zone 1: worldwide except the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.
- Zone 2: Includes all over the world.

Syrian National Insurance Company is characterized by the family travel insurance program, which covers husband, wife and children below 18 years old.

Commitment to services:
International Afro Asian Assistance provide team work in different languages to receive communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the company offers services as appropriate and as soon as possible ways.
Basic coverages for travel insurance:
1. Medical expenses and residence within the hospital.
2. Cost of transport in case of accident or illness.
3. The body was moved.
4. Emergency dental care.
5. Transfer of a family member accompanying the believer.
6. Child facilities.
7. Dispatching a first degree relative.
8. Repatriation emergency with a family member.
9. Deliver drugs.
10. Deliver urgent messages.
11. Medical advice over the phone.
12. Appointments with the doctor.
13. Travel services.
14. Lost luggage.
15. Found luggage and connected.
Papers and information needed to get a hold travel insurance:
1 - passport or a photocopy of it.
2 - travel destination.
3 - travel time.

This information is mentioned summary Baltgttiyat and we will provide you the general conditions and all the details when you get a travel insurance policy

Syrian National Insurance Company wishes you a happy journey

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